The most commonly asked question, "what's next?"!

It's a question we never mind answering, because there's so much to do and were always looking forward to the next challenge!

Our last few months looked like this...

October 2019, Dublin Marathon (We really enjoyed it, always incredible support in Dublin!)

November 2019, Run the Line mountain race (We loved it, our best race in a while, so much that we've already entered for next year)

February 2020, 73km ultramarathon in Cork. You can see how that went here.

March 2020, Kings Trail, Sweden

Our next few looks like this....

April 2020....Coronavirus!
We didn't catch it, but obviously it's put a halt to our plans for now. We have a high-altitude target in mind for later in the year though and we're hopeful the Himalaya will be open for the normal season, so we've started training and we've entered the races below to give us something to focus on.

September 2020, Kerry Way Ultra, night edition. 93km of Kerry hills and trails, at night!

September 2020, Wicklow Eco Trail, this one is "only" 80km and it's in daylight, a walk in the park!

November 2020, Run the Line, a 10km sprint around the Dublin Mountains and one of our favourite races in 2019

Watch this space for details as that plan comes together!