On Your Marks....

We like to run, a lot. My background is in GAA and playing so much football and camogie gave me a great start for other sports. Since I stopped, along with our climbing and polar ambitions I've turned my attentions to running. In 2018 I ran my first marathon. It was tough, but obviously not too tough, as I ran my second one just a month later across the Mourne Mountains! Running fits really well with our other training and ambitions, you have to be fit to climb big mountains or ski long days with a pulk behind you, so we'll keep adding to the list of races. Over the next few months we have some middle-distance mountain races to come, which will hopefully see us the right shape for the Mourne Mountain Marathon, a two-day event where you navigate at speed through the hills while carrying all you camping gear and food for and overnight. I can't wait. In the months after that, if time allows, we'll be running an ultra (anything longer than a marathon, but this particular one is 50 miles across the hills). After than, it'll be back to enjoying shorter runs around the trails of the Cooley and Mourne Mountains for a while as we get ready for the next stage of our hill and polar challenges.  We will be back on the start line for more races after that though, so stay tuned!