Through our challenges, we have built a good relationship with national and local media (links to some of those stories below) and built our social media following. Our crossing of Hardangervidda reached approx. 20k people through our direct social media channels and our Pieta House Challenges coverage reached the same social media audience, plus approx.  65000 in print news and 5000 on radio. Our Fjallraven Polar Challenge reached our direct audience, plus approx. 65000 on radio, 32000 in print and  additional independent online coverage.

Daily mirror
Dundalk Democrat 
Talk of the Town

In addition to our direct audience, we also manage a number of social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, connecting climbers (seeking guidance on alpine and polar trips,  training and gear purchase),  extreme athletes, polar travellers and explorers. The membership of those accounts is approx. 40000 (as of October 2019 with a growth rate of approx. 1.5k p/month across all groups and engagement rate of 15k+ p/month).

If your business would like to partner with us for any of our upcoming challenges, such as sponsoring the cost of a trip or equipment, feel free to contact us at  In addition to you reaching our audience, we'd be happy to talk to yours about our past and future challenges.