Fitness tests. Best of luck!

Here’s a set of tests really I like. It’s aimed at runners, but it’s a pretty good all-rounder 

Absolutely loads of tests to mix and match to a format that might suit you 

Here’s an article on the results of a group of elite climbers taking some tests 

Here’s a fairly tough set of tests 

Here’s a rundown of the methods for finding some relevant HR markers from Uphill Athlete

And a Cardiac Drift test also from Uphill Athlete 

A field test for estimating lactate threshold (and a very detailed breakdown of how to train it if you need to focus on that marker) 

The Cooper test, a widely used method with a good reputation 

A field test for determining max HR 

If you take a set of tests and have questions about the results, or get results that might help people, or just feel like having your results picked over and talked about, post them in the group!