Pieta House Challenges 2017

In 2017, we undertook a year of challenges for Pieta House, a fantastic charity working to prevent suicide and self harm. Our challenges for the year are now finished, you can still donate to support their work or find out more about them here  You can contact us on Facebook, or follow us there to see how our challenges went and see photos of what we got up to on Instagram, or check out the blog on here and the Twitter feed below. We'll also still be carrying on with our own challenges, so you can see us skiing across icecaps and climbing high mountains, hopefully!

For our year of challenges, we climbed some big mountains, including Elbrus, Europe's highest mountain at 5642 metres, ran a number of half and full marathons, and took part in some other tough challenges, all of which we did to help Pieta House. We hope we did that as much as possible and thank you so much to everyone that helped.

You can still help Pieta House by donating if you can and 100% of your donation goes to them. You can also help by sharing their Facebook page, website and contact details, people need to know about Pieta House so they can help as much as possible or get in touch with them if they need their support.  

Thanks, Kevin and Edel.