Challenge no. 3, Mullingar Half Marathon

On St. Patrick's Day, while everyone else was getting ready for family days out and/or the pub, we joined a parade of a different kind and ran 13.1 miles around Mullingar. Hats off to the town, it was a brilliant race, slick organisation, easy registration, nice wide start area, kicked off on time and a course on closed country roads. Part of the course was also along the Royal Canal. On other days that would have been lovely, but unfortunately the wind was against us and that few kilometers was something of a struggle. That said, obviously some people have it much tougher and that's what why we're doing this.

The section after the canal took us back into the town and the support there was brilliant, it made for a great finish. It was also the first time we've managed to run in our Pieta House t-shirts in daylight and it was brilliant to get so many shout outs from people who recognised them.

On another note, I really have to work on my raceface, 'cos despite the evidence of the photo, I was actually quite happy crossing the line!