All Storms Pass

The photograph above is a scene of breathtaking beauty. I was lucky enough to be sitting on the shoulder of a mountain a few weeks ago watching the spectacle of this sunset, lakes twinkling in twilight, the sun dropping perfectly between two peaks in the distance, with some good friends at the end of a great day of walking in the beautiful, wild Nephin Mountains of Mayo.

As we were sitting watching, one of the friends I was with, a man who has lived many lifetimes worth, who has sailed to all corners of the world, who has kept people safe in the mountains for many years and always brings calm faith and an outrageous sense of humour to a hill day, pointed out the isolated rock at the centre of the photo as the location of a recent tragedy that affected many lives, that brought sudden devastation to parents, partners, children and communities. It was a sobering moment to think such loss can be brought to so many people's lives so suddenly.

As that sank in, he went on to say "But look at it now. Look at that mirror sea, that glowing sky, it hardly seems like the same place. It's always good to remember, no matter how rough it seems at that moment, all storms pass."