A busy winter.

Most athletes, be they runners, cyclists , climbers or any other kind, try to get a good winter under their belt and come out raring to go in the spring. We're no different and this past winter we have done 100s of hours in the gym, 1000s of metres of climbing, hiking and skiing, and made our way to Poland to climb in the Tatra Mountains and the Indian Himalaya to trek frozen rivers. It's been a great winter and it culminated in us getting some early season climbing in Moor Hiil (strong language warning!) and Altnadue in Co. Down, having great runs at the Cooley Legnds Half Marathon across the Cooley Mountains and in the Dundalk 10k, then capping it with a fantastic 3 day scrambling trip across north Wales. We couldn't have asked for a better winter and spring. We even went to the South Pole and got support from Sir Ranulph Fiennes!

It's also been a great winter for scheming and plotting our ambitions. Each success breeds the next and we're looking forward now to the Alps, the Dublin marathon, a summer of rock climbing and Kilimanjaro at Christmas. We've also come up with p,and for a couple of Irish firsts and a world first, if we get the right support and sponsorship. A few more good winters coming up so!

See you on the hills,
Kevin and Edel.